Tokyo Tour – Mount Fuji – Gotemba Premium Outlet Kyoto – Osaka – Nagoya



Duration: 4 days 3 nights

  • Vietnam Airlines National Air Line
  • Experience the Shinkansen bullet train – The pride of the Japanese railway industry at up to 300 km/h.
  • Japanese-style hot spring bath experience, also known as "Onsen bathing"
  • Take in the views of Mount Fuji, the royal Palace, Osaka Castle and the outstanding features on the Golden Road of the "Sunrise Country".

HANOI – TOKYO (dinner)

05h30: Car and HDV of the tourist company pick you up at the gate of Pharmacy UNIVERSITY, 13-15 le Thanh Tong, HN, take to Noi Bai Airport, make the exit to Japan on the flight HANOI – TOKYO/VN 384 (08.25 – 15.05, Japan time) of the national airline of Vietnam Vietnam Airlines.

Arrive at Haneda Airport (Tokyo), the car and local guide for dinner at the restaurant.

Then, the hotel check-in.

Overnight at 3 * hotel in Haneda, Tokyo.

DAY 2: TOKYO – KAWAGUCHI (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

✅ Breakfast at the hotel.

Then the convoy made the check-out procedure.

Cars and HDV take you to visit the city of Tokyo:

  • Visit and take a souvenir with the royal family – the accommodation and work of the Imperial Family of Japan.
  • Asakussa Kannon Temple – the oldest temple in Tokyo, is also a great souvenir shop with beautiful walkways, from where you can easily admire and take photos with the new Tokyo Sky Tree TV tower with height To 643m.
  • Wander the old town of Nakamise – the bustling old town of the Edo period.

Lunch at the restaurant.

In the afternoon, the delegation continued to visit:

  • Shop at the e-town of Akihabarmost Japan.

 Dinner at the restaurant.

Overnight at 3 * hotel in Kawaguchi.

DAY 3: KAWAGUCHI – MT. FUJI – TOYOHASHI (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Breakfast at the hotel.

After that, the shuttle bus to visit:

  • Mount Fuji (If the weather is nice, you will be on the station No. 5, see the top of Mt. Fuji Sparkling Silver Snow cap if the weather permits) – the highest mountain and also the symbol of the country Sunrise-3776m above sea surface.

Lunch at the restaurant.


  • Visit the ancient village of Oshino Hakkai at the foot of Mt. Fuji-is a peaceful old village at the foot of Mount Fuji. To this day, the houses of Oshino Hakkai still bring traditional Japanese architecture.
  • Shopping sightseeing at Gotemba Outlet

Dinner at the restaurant.

Overnight at 3 * hotel in Toyohashi.

DAY 04: TOYOHASHI – KYOTO – OSAKA (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Morning: Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast, take out the bullet train station, experience Shinkansen to Kyoto, visit:

  • Thanh Thuy Pagoda-Kiyomizu Dera, one of the holiest temples of the land of cherry blossoms with a unique architecture entirely in wood, is located on the high altitude of Higashiyama hills. The main building was designed to look like 1 treasure of the country, supported by 139 high-column 15m. The UNESCO-listed Kiyomizu temple is a cultural heritage of 1994.
  • Yellow Temple-Golden Pavillion Temple is nestled amid emerald green lakes.

✅ Lunch at the restaurant.

The delegation continued to Osaka:

  • Take a photo to Osaka Castle. Here you can save the beautiful pictures as you like in the Paradise.
  • Sightseeing and shopping at the bustling shopping centre of Shinsai – Baishi, also known as Nippon Bashi District.

✅ Dinner in the restaurant.

Overnight at 3 * hotel in Osaka.

DAY 05: OSAKA – NARA – NAGOYA (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out procedures.

Then take a trip to Japan's first capital city – Nara:

  • Todaiji Temple-"The Big East Temple", where the Buddhist meditation is proud to be the largest wooden architectural structure in the world, in the temple there is a bronze statue named Vairocana, also known by the Japanese as Daibutsu Buddha.

Lunch at the restaurant.

In the afternoons, you continue to move to:

  • Visit the Tokoname Aeon shopping mall.

Dinner in the commercial center.

Overnight at 3 * hotel in Nagoya.

DAY 06: NAGOYA – HANOI (breakfast)

Breakfast box breakfast.

Delegation to Chubu Airport, a NAGOYA – HANOI/VN 347 (10.15 – 13.20) flight.

Arriving at Noi Bai Airport, the convoy returns to the original collection point.


(Applicable for group of 25 or more adults)

EN (2 – 11 years old with parents)
32.9 million đ 29.5 million đ 10.5 million đ


  • Flight ticket Hanoi – Tokyo//Nagoya – Hanoi of Vietnam Airlines national airline, including 12kg carry-on baggage and 02 pieces of checked baggage, each of the 23kg.
  • Japan immigration Visa.
  • Airport taxes, airport security charges, aviation fuel surcharges.
  • Standard Hotel 3 *, 2 people/room (if male or female union will be rated 3 people).
  • Varied meals at the various restaurants according to the program.
  • Sightseeing tickets by program.
  • Modern air-conditioned cars shuttle by program.
  • HDV experience, enthusiastic from VN for group of 20 guests or more.

Gifts of the company DL:

  • International travel insurance with a maximum compensation of USD 30,000 per guest per service.
  • Fabric Caps


  • For Passport.
  • Refresher money for HDV and driving at places: Minimum USD 07 per guest x 6 days tour = USD 42/Guest
  • Visa to reenter Vietnam for foreign passport holders.
  • Surcharge for single room stay (if any).
  • Laundry costs, telephone… and other expenses not included in the program.
  • VAT Invoice


  • Passport (also limited to 6 months from the date of travel)
  • Children 02 – 12 years old bed with parents
  • The official program is confirmed before the date of departure 1-2 days.
  • The tourist company is responsible for advising the records as required from the embassy but the visa results are totally dependent on the embassy's decision.
  • The itinerary is subject to change depending on the weather, traffic but still a full range of attractions.
  • The flight depends on the airline so in some cases the flight hours are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Prices may vary if the aviation announces changes in fuel surcharges and airport fees in the places; The rate of volatility is too large, more than 3% of the company will re-evaluate the tour to suit the situation….
  • If the delegation has to depart for less than 20 guests, the tour price will be charged. If you do not accept the new price, you can move on to the next tour. Or the company will refund the amount that the guest has closed.
  • In the event that you are not on the scene and immigration for personal reasons, the company is committed to supporting the information and assisting you in its capacity, but refusing to accept any costs arising if you are The Home country Immigration Authority holds at the gate or does not permit entry along with the delegation. In this case, although it is not desired, but due to the regulations of the home country's service provider, it is imperative that the refusal not be refunded any costs to you even though this service has not been performed.
  • You are not separated (due to a request from LSQ Japan upon visa)
  • When registering for a tour, please read the program, tour prices, including and not included in the program, the cancellation conditions. In the event that you do not directly register to the tour, you are kindly seeking to explore the program from the Subscriber yourself.
  • Guests with a pregnancy of 5 months or more should not take part in the trip for safety reasons.
  • The company will not be responsible for ensuring the sights in the event: + The Disa
    ster: flood, drought, earthquakes… + Security in
    cidents: Terrorism, protests + incidents o
    f aviation: technical malfunction, security , rescheduled, cancelled, delayed flight.
  • In case of consolidation under 15 guests, the tour does not depart, the company will advise you to move the tour to the nearby departure date or notice the costs arising to depart the group.
  • The hotel can stay far from the city center during the high season of welding such as cherry blossoms, Golden Week (30/04), Tet Holiday…

Guests are advised to book the tour at least 7 days in advance (after this time please call confirmation with the company on the number of seats). The booking procedure includes: Guest name, phone number, tour number, departure date and deposit 50% of the tour price to reserve and guarantee the service, the remainder will pay for HDV company on the day of pick up

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