Tay Nguyen Tour – Coming To Dak Lak Highlands

Chi tiết Tour Tây Nguyên - Đến Với Đại Ngàn Cao Nguyên Dak Lak

(Duration: 03 days/02 nights.     Transport: Automotive)

Three tanks are the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam and 1 in the world's 20 largest freshwater lakes formed from over 200 million years ago. With the blue sky, the Golden Sun, you will be on the boat to see the majestic nature of our country. On the lake you'll catch the distant hills and clouds, the fog. The blue waters with birds singing, the animal called the Flock is a poetic lyrical picture in the mountains of the northeast.

"She's fed up with her son/he's going to the high water"-the rustic, simple singing stories deep into the heart about the majestic beauty of high water. High by the same, intense, mighty always intertwined with poetic, gentle. Here you will get to visit the snail waterfall, le Nin stream, Hang PAC, where the historical mark of the Great Ho Chi Minh.

Tinh Tay or Tinh Tay is a district in the city of Quang Tay National Autonomous Region of Guangxi Zhuang, Trung Quan. Baise is the main city located in northwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, bordering the provinces of Guizhou and Yunnan as well as Ha Giang, Cao by (of Vietnam) provinces. Let Ba Be Travel discover now!



07h00: The tour company's car and HDV pick up you at the rendezvous point departing from Hanoi to Ba be lake (Bac Kan).

11h30: Guests arrive at Ba be Lake main canoe, canoe to the Dream Spring Restaurant – The best view restaurant for lunch with authentic Lake menu.

12h30: You board to check-in at Bungalow Ba Be Lake side in the Cup ethnic and rest.

14h00: You board the boat and sweep the flow of the lush waters of Ho Ba Tho Lake, you go sightseeing admire the beautiful Lake Ba pool.

Ba be Lake is dubbed the first landscape, the largest natural freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The beautiful natural lake surrounded by the mighty Rocky Mountains that are covered with pristine forests, you visit the Lake Pé mistake, Pé Lù, Pé Ltea, stopping on the top of the mountain visit An Island , Binh an bridge at An Plating Temple. This is a beautiful and beautiful island floating on the lake (where the last-century generals of the late SIXTEENTH period) you can admire the panoramic view of Ba be lake from the island or can relax in fishing , around the island there are plenty of fish to swim.

15h30: Ba be lake is a harmonious picture, the gifts of the mountain forest and river. The air here is cool, airy and very pleasant. Boats dock at Pó Lù Marina, you join the experience of kayaking beyond the beautiful lake view sparkling on the lake in the romantic afternoon sunshine

17h00: You return to the Bungalow resting area, stroll the ethnic Cup.

19h00: You have dinner at the property

After dinner, you can participate in the cultural exchange program with the village such as singing then, gay, campfire, dancing, cultural exchange (self-sufficient funding)…

You will have a good night at three tanks.

The Singing birds will wake you after a good night's sleep. You will feel very refreshing and pleasant, that feeling is brought from the special climate in the fresh cool of the pristine forest, the lake of Ba be.


06h30: Breakfast at the bungalow

07h30: Check-out procedures and depart from three tanks to the high city. On the way you will conquer the continuous passes with the beautiful scenery of the mountains such as: Wind Pass, North High Pass, Ho chi the pass, the uniform pass…

10h00: You arrive in Cao Thanh City

11h00: You have lunch at restaurant in Chongqing District

Then take you to travel 90km (01h30 running car) from Cao Thanh City to the Giat waterfall. You visit the world's fourth-largest waterfall, which is located between the two national borders. Experience a boat ride on the cool blue waters at the foot of the waterfall to admire the majestic beauty of the waterfalls in very close range, you can take photos to capture beautiful moments and mighty nature. .

Then you will visit the next point to:

      You visit Truc Lam Pagoda (the First temple), a pagoda built at the North frontier of the country, is the largest and most beautiful temple in the Vietnamese border. Located close to this temple is the most beautiful and majestic landscape in Southeast Asia. Truc Lam Temple is built on the Mount Phia to the dam Thuy commune, which is about 500m from the village. The pagoda can be seen covering the entire map and a large space below.

The car takes you moving to the next point you will conquer the beauty of the cave in local language means Tiger cave-one of the most beautiful caves in the North is famous for countless stalagmites , a beautiful stalactite.

16h30: Shuttle bus to Cao by city

18h00: You arrive to the city center and check in at the hotel

19h00: You have dinner at the restaurant. Then freely visit high by night.


 06h00: Guests have breakfast at the hotel and check-out procedures

06h30: Cars and guides take the delegation from the high city by going to Tra Linh Gate.

08h00: Your guide to your arrival in Tinh Tay.

09h30: You have 02 choice go one of two points

Option 01: You visit the Russian ecological tourist area.

               The Russian spring tourist area has more than 700 years of history, the landscape of "Russian fish dancing three-story" has attracted many domestic and foreign tourists, the ancient stele engraved with the inscription "Russia to be screened" by the Emperor Ming Feng's life In addition to the mystical colors of the Russian spring, there are also attractions such as the ancient town of Hoi An, Tam Tuyen menstruation, my human sleep, ancient inscription, Mandarin trees, the Dragon Temple, "Russian" beer, Fairy Goose , Coral Cave… These landscapes are praised by visitors. The main attractions of the Russian tourist area are the Russian fish jumping, ancient bridge, calligraphy on the cliffs of Mount Pa Ta, and the Coral Cave.

Option 02: You visit the old Chau village or "former ancient town".

Old Chau Town is the former capital of Tinh Tay District-Guangxi-China, about 15 km from the center of Tinh Tay District, about 25km from Long Bang Gate, now former Chau is an ancient village and known as former ancient town. It is preserved and preserves the ancient features of the village, which transmit traditional lines and culture sung in the ethnic Zhuang of the Guangxi Autonomous Region. In the village of Old Chau town, house, people, from the elderly to children all know as a hydrangea, visitors to visit and buy the beautiful hydrangea many brilliant gifts of gift to relatives. When you owe a favour, owe someone a thank you or sincere apology, choose Hydrangea to be thankful or sorry is the best choice. The language of the hydrangea symbolizes gratitude and sincere emotions. Pick up beautiful hydrangea on hand, ensuring the enemy will feel the high heart you want to send to.

12h00: You have lunch at the restaurant with specialties only in Tinh Tay – China after lunch you depart to the shopping street in the center of Tinh Tay District to buy gifts about relatives Friends.

15h00: The delegation will return to the gate for immigration procedures on water and automobile bringing the union to Cao by city

16h30: You arrive in Cao the city and move to the original pick up point in Hanoi

19h00: Arrive in Bac Kan city, have dinner at son Ba restaurant with a variety of delicious dishes, extensive menu, regional specialties.

After dinner you board the transfer to Hanoi.

It is expected that 23h00 will arrive at the original pick up point in Hanoi and end the Hanoi – Ho Ba be – Cao do waterfall – the Thac – Tinh Tay – China. 

Tour Price 4,660,000 đ

(Tour price for group of 10 or more)

* Tour Price includes:         

  1. Hotel

01 Night at Bungalow (2 people 1 room)

 01night at 3 * Hotel (2 people 1 room)

  1. 06 Main meals Standard x 150,000 đ/person/meal;
  • 01 main meal in Tinh Tay China 40 yuan/export):(08 dishes + 01 soup, dessert), the main meal has drinks (hot tea).
  • 02 Breakfast at Hotel
  1. Scheduled visit tickets
  2. Procedures, immigration fees
  3. Incense Offerings
  4. 01 Professional photographer travelling with the group
  5. Friendly staff, attentive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable destination
  6. Travel insurance Compensation Level 100.000.000 đ/person/service;
  7. Drinking water 02 bottles/person/day;
  8. Hood;

* Tour prices do not include:

  1. VAT 10%
  2. Guides, drivers, service staff,… (optional)
  3. Drinks at meal, shopping personal spending outside the program
  4. Cultural exchange

* Child Policy

  1. Infants aged 1-5 free (with parents, if they lost their parents ' tickets)
  2. Children aged 6-9 years 75% of the tour price (including ticket, private meal)
  3. Children 10 years and over are charged 100% of the cost of the tour (as an adult)

* Immigration procedure requirements: Cheese 01 copy of CMTND (CMTND not overdue specified is 15 years from the date of grade), 2 photos 4 x6 (photo color, white background, write the name after the photo) Send to high tourism JSC by 03 days (excluding holidays and 7th , Sunday) before the scene. Children accompanying parents need 2 photos 4×6 cm white background + copy of birth certificate + certified declaration of public security according to the form.

Please note: If you are sending a photo of the soft, kindly pay an additional printing fee of 30,000 VND/guest.


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