(6 DAYS 5 NIGHTS – International Flight + speedboat)



Lijiang is the capital of the Naxi Kingdom, 2,410 metres above sea level and located on the northwestern Yunnan plateau in southwestern China. Located along the important trade route that was previously part of the Silk Road from Yunnan through Tibet, Kunming-the city spring of the Thousand Flowers bloom, ancient Dali ancient city, fortified and mosses-the filming of the Thien Long film Bowl Fame. If you have ever watched and impressed with the Chinese drama "Light of Love". You always wish to be a time to Lijiang; To hear the legend of the love of the West ethnic minority, to go to the bar "best I am" enjoy a cocktail "eternal heavenly", to once climbs to the majestic Jade Dragon Snow paint, stand the difference on the brink of love….

 Mystic Valley "Immortal" Shangri-La. Shangri-La is located in a plateau higher than 3,300 meters above sea level, surrounded by lush green hills, stunning lakes, fresh air. It is home to the predominantly inhabited part of a small non-Tibetan division, where the many landmarks, temples, Buddhist monasteries are located… Shangri-La is also famous for the National Park of Pudacuo. This area is about 1,300 km2 and is the first national park in China.

DAY 01: HANOI – KUNMING (lunch/dinner)


08h50 Car and HDV pick-up at the meeting point, take the airport crew, depart MU2566 at 11:50am – 16h05 (stop at Nanning 1h)


16h10 Car and HDV pickup The delegation at Kunming Airport, after dinner, HDV bring the hotel check-in service. Dinner at the restaurant.

Overnight at the hotel in Kunming.

DAY 2: Lijiang (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


Dining at the hotel, shuttle bus to the train station, delegating the speedboat to Kunming – Lijiang (D8872 08h15-11h13) – a beautiful city on the Yunnan Plateau, blessed with many poetic landscapes & lyrical.

Delegation to Lijiang, HDV put a tour to visit the Black Dragon Park – where the water from Ngoc Long Ice Mountain flows to feed on Lijiang land. From the Black Dragon Park can see the grandeur of the Snowy Mountains for thousands of years, in the peaceful setting of the silent Lake water. You visit the wood coating a construction is considered a typical history and culture here. The wood cover is the Forbidden City of the south. In front of the gate, the water flowing from the north was northward by a large stone bridge. Opposite the outer Phong is the stone Gate building. At the same time this greeting gate is the most magnificent works of Lijiang land, made of white turquoise stone.


Group lunch at the restaurant.


Visit the ancient city of Lijiang-built more than 800 years ago, Unessco is recognized as a world Cultural heritage site in 1997-a world cultural heritage with beautiful landscape of the country, dubbed the "Venice of the East" , the house has streams flowing through, the willow trees let down the doorstep and small bridges. The square stroll in the heart of the Old City.


After dinner, guests are free to see the colors of Lijiang at night. Freely enjoy the music and the Dances of the universe. Lijiang Ancient town can also be called the street of ethnic music and people that you don't need to spend a penny of the ticket can become an actress immediately if you like.. Overnight in Lijiang.


DAY 03: LIJIANG – SHANGRILA (breakfast, lunch, dinner)



After breakfast, the crew went to Shangrila. On the way visit the Jumping tiger, which is considered the deepest canyon in the world. This is a canyon longer than 15 km lying between two ranges of Dragon Snow Mountain (5,596 m) and Ha Ba snow paint (5,396 m high). The scene is majestic with the Golden River as it is increasingly bumpy and overflowing. The old tradition of a tiger escaped in a time being pursued by a hunter jumping through the canyon at the narrowest point of the river. To Shangrila – The name is no stranger if one has ever read through the novel Lost Horizon (The Lost Horizon) of James Hilton's writer, it is a valley located in northwestern Yunnan province, China, close to Tibet.


Visit Songzanlin Temple is the most important and largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan, China. Songzanlin is set in a stunning landscape at a height of over 3,300 metres away from Shangrila 5km. The convent was constructed by the Dalai Lama in the 5th year 1679 after the miniature prototype of the Potala Palace (Tibet) and was completed after 2 years of construction. In the most prosperous time, it was centered on thousands of soldiers.

The evening freedom to visit DuKeZong ancient city-the oldest inhabited life of Tibetan people over 1,300 years is the best preserved in China. Coming here, you will admire the hundreds of old Tibetan houses are carefully preserved, who are hospitable by guests who introduce the distinctive culture, everyday living and enthusiastic to help.


Have dinner at the restaurant and stay overnight at the hotel at Shangrila.

DAY 04:LIJIANG – SHANGRILA (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


After breakfast, the delegation visited the PuDaCuo National Park (reaching the Prussian spectrum), Pudacuo National Garden, Shangri-La, Yunnan: Nature in Shangri-La deserves to be dubbed as a place of view with the landscapes of snowy Mountains, the yellow-blue forest , occasionally hiding in smog with a rich flora and fauna. Pudacuo is the first national park in China that meets the standards set by the International Conservation of Nature (IUCN). One of China's 40 beautiful attractions. Pudacuo is paradise for lovers of photography. The Four seasons here are not the same. Spring here hundreds of blooming flowers. Summer is a blue-covered mountain. Autumn is an incredibly splendid jungle scene. Winter, you can enjoy the white snow scene beneath the Blue Lake.


Guests have lunch in the restaurant.


Depart to Lijiang,


To Lijiang, you have dinner at the restaurant, hotel check in, night in Lijiang


Day 05: Lijiang – KUNMING (breakfast, lunch, dinner)



Breakfast at the hotel, then depart for the area of snow Ngoc Long Mountain. You take the small cable car to visit van Tam Binh – elevation 3200 m beautiful views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain-mountains 5596 m snow covered all year round. The ice is permanently lit up as a turquoise blue. Call this the Virgin mountain because so far the man has not conquered it once. Many climbers have left their lives or retreated, impulsive before the mysterious Virgin of the mountains into the most beautiful of the Yunnan province. Visit, Lam Nguyet Valley, Bach Ha River formed by ice melting from Ngoc Long Snow Mountain, the Sea of Orange, Hai Cuu, visit Ngoc Thuy Farm-The beautiful scene and the expression of the customs, the belief of the people of Na Xi and culture of Dong Ba. Group lunch at the restaurant.


You can participate in the "Lijiang Impression" program by the famous director Zhang Zunghe. An outdoor musical, on the altitude over 3,000 m, with the scene of the main stage is the sky and the Pearl mountain range…, it's hard to imagine otherwise once "category of the market".   


Dinner at the restaurant. Then train the train station, climb Highway to Lijiang-Kunming (D8792 19h14-22h24), holiday at Kunming


DAY 06: KUNMING – HANOI (breakfast/Lunch)



Breakfast at the hotel, then head to the south Flower Market with thousands of fresh flowers, full color dried flowers,


After lunch the delegation departs to the departure airport to Hanoi on MU2575 flight at 14h20-14h45. End the program.


End of China travel program. Goodbye and see you again!

ADULT Children< 2 TUỔI 2=""></ 2 TUỔI> CHILDREN 2-11 YEARS OL
D (under 1m2)
17,990,000 VND 30 95%

* Above rate is for 25 guests or more


_ Car visits to the program.

_ Flight ticket for round trip Hanoi – Kunming – Hanoi (China Eastern Airline – including 20 kg checked baggage + 7kg hand luggage).

_ Kunming 2-speed rail ticket on average – Lijiang

_ Meals According to the program (main meal: 8 courses + 1 soup). 30ndt/Meal/person

The group of solo travellers will depart for 15 guests (provided that the Vietnamese speaking Guide is available) and if the group has 15 or more people, a guide will be accompanied by the group throughout the route.

_ Standard 4-star hotel (2 persons per room. Male odd female case apply Room 3).

_Ticket 1 Turn of attractions: MoC Fu, Lijiang Old City ruins, Black Dragon Dam Park, Ngoc Long Snow Mountain Resort (cable car to Tam Binh, 3 200m altitude, Lam nguyet Valley, hai son Orange, hydrocamp Pearl) , Jumping tiger slot, Songzanlin Monastery, Pudacu National Park.


_ Passport expires at least over 6 months

_ Personal expenses

_ Hotel Single room (2 million VND-2.5 million VND)

_ Drinks in meals.

_ Tip for HDV and driver (5USD/person/day)


_ See the show "The Ancient Lijiang Love"-~ 1.3 million Vnđ

_ Watch the show "Lijiang impression" approximately ~ 700,000 VND
_ cable car ticket to Ngoc Long Snow Mountain altitude is 4500m ~ 700,000 VND

_ Travel Insurance In accordance with the rate of $10,000 (for insurance due to risk of accident, no insurance for the type of disease inherent)

_ Drinking Water 01 bottles/day/person.

_ China Immigration delegation Visa.




大酒店 (原普多姆假日酒店) Mao
yi Hotel丽江古
城区西安街道民主路 205 号, 近红太阳广场 。
DT: 0888-5357888h
ttp://hotels.ctrip.com/hotel/6173811.html # ctm_ref = Ctr_hp_sb_lst

Gurixin Hostel丽
江古城区金星街 19 号, 近香格里拉大道
。DT: 0888-306178
8http://hotels.ctrip.com/hotel/5128860.html # ctm_ref = Ctr_hp_sb_lst

yunnan Aviation GuanGuang Hotel Lijiang


ang Bao Zhi Jia Hotelht
tp://hotels.ctrip.com/hotel/6154706.html # ctm_ref = hod_hp_sb_lst
电话: 0887-8817333

Heaven Sunshine Hotel

Tibetan Holy Lotus Hotel



Guests are kindly required to check the number of seats before booking with the counselor and register for the tour at least 6 business days in advance. We only guarantee the seat within 24h. After 24h the system will automatically cancel if you have not made a deposit. Records include:

  • Scan Universal Passport for at least 06 months (compared to tour end date) + Scan Photo Card 4 * 6 white background (no ear cover, no glasses)
  • List of countries that have gone within 3 years of returning
  • Deposit 50% of the total value of the tour


  • If the accompanying child must have a notarized copy of birth certificate or authorization if not accompanied by a parent.
  • Pregnant women are not able to join the tour. If you do not notify the company, all matters arising from us shall not be liable.
  • Guests with pathologies: high blood pressure, cardiovascular, hen as should not join the tour because of the Shangrila at a height of 3600m dilute air, prone to the high plateau reaction
  • The funding is applied to Vietnamese nationality customers. Guests bringing a foreign passport, please check back.
  • The above program may change on time and schedule, but still make sure of the above attractions.
  • Unused portion of the service comes without prior notice when registration will not be refunded.
  • The program above is a purely tourist program, you have the need to combine work, ask to announce the registration procedure.
  • In case of 01 guests participating in the event of force majeure cannot be paired with the remaining members, please be charged a single room surcharge.



Cancellation fees are based on the time of the tour cancellation compared to the expected departure date:

  • Canceling the program after registration, the deposit will take 30% of the total value of the tour.
  • Tour cancellation 10 – 15 days before departure will be subject to 50% of the total contract value.
  • Cancelation from 7 – 9 days before departure will be subject to 75% of the total contract value.
  • Tour cancellation 6 days before the departure date will be subject to 100% of the contract value.
  • For late arrivals, you will not receive a refund for the tour.

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