Chi tiết TOUR Phu Quoc – Cano 4 Island Tour – May Rut


  • Standard Car Travel Service
  • Bathing, having fun at SunSet Sanato Premium Resort
  • Impressive travel Program Tours 4 Islands-fishing Reef diving

Phu Quoc is named the Pearl Island, the largest island in Vietnam; It is also the largest of the 22 island populations, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Phu Quoc Island, along with other islands forming Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang province. The entire island has a total area of 589.23 km²


MORNING: Car and HDV pick you up at Phu Quoc Airport, take the sightseeing group:

  • ,…. Scenic Palace Visit the Thuy Long Holy Temple This is a symbol of local people on the island, come here visitors give prayer incense, see the sea, take pictures of memories….
  • Group Lunch with sea food specialties in the restaurant.
  • Delegation to the hotel check-in.

AFTERNOON: Car and HDV take the sightseeing group

  • Sim Wine processing base-Sim wine is made from the incubated forest sim-fermented, the delicious sim syrup…
  • Visitors to the farm of the Sea pearl of Phu Quoc. Here you get to learn how to feed the pearls, slaughtered pearls, and shop for beautiful jewelry products from genuine pearls to design many exquisite and luxurious designs.
  • Continue your journey to the Sunset Sanato Beach Club – Here you relax, bathe, take pictures, play water games, sea movement,.. As a new destination brand is being used by tourists to check in, Sunset Sanato Beach Club with romantic nature and unique artistic architecture, attractive will make you impressed at first sight. So this is considered a beautiful beach-the most exotic Phu Quoc.
  • Return to the hotel.

       DINNER: Dine at restaurant. After dinner, take a stroll, shop at Bach Dang Night Market or sign up for night squid fishing program (own expense).


  MORNING: After breakfast at the hotel you depart for sightseeing:

  • Visit Truc Lam Temple, one of the most beautiful and sacred temples in the island.
  • The delegation visited the historic prison of Phu Quoc, learn about the two resistance against the French and the American Empire, re-showing the historical prison break and the type of brutal, cruel torture…
  • To the port of An Thoi to the sea, see the deserted islands as a miniature Halong bay, consisting of 12 large islands of An Thoi Archipelago, and a cable car that catches the world's longest sea. The next stop is the area near Hon Thom and experience fishing, the feeling of excitement when catching yourself even a little fish.
  • The journey continues to glide along the beautiful nail plate, you can freely bathe, relax under the blue waters or try scuba diving explore the colourful coral reefs and the fantasy Ocean World in Hon.
  • Group lunch on the island with the booty. Take the rice finish you rest then continue to have fun at Hon Cloud Retreat.

  • On the way back to the shore you can register to visit the sea walking program to see a world of coral reefs under the ocean. (Own expense)

AFTERNOON: Return to wharf on the bus continue to visit the traditional craft village to grow 100 years on the island of the famous specialty fish sauce in Phu Quoc. View fish-soaked wooden barrels and the production process of fish sauce, enjoy fish sauce, buy bring back as gifts for relatives and family. This is followed by a visit to the Dry specialty processing facility.

  • Sao Beach tourist area, one of the most beautiful beaches island with smooth white sand and blue sea water, travelers rent hammocks to rest, relax, bathe.
  • Visit Phu Quoc Pepper specialties.
  • Honeybee farms get honey.
  • Return to the hotel for a rest laundry.

DINNER: Group dinner at the restaurant, overnight at the hotel.


         After having breakfast at the hotel, guests are free to bathe in the sea, visit, stroll, specialty shopping at Duong Dong Market.

  • Time of check-out procedure. After that, the car and HDV take you to Phu Quoc Airport, goodbye and see you again. End of travel program at Phu Quoc Airport.

Land Tour Price List all packages for private trip in Phu Quoc.

Standard Hotel Name Tour Price
2-Star Street Blue Sea, Pearl Island, Galaxy, Mango Resort, Golbeach 2,250,000 đ

3-Star City

Nice Life. Golden Daisy, Sunrise, Ola, Bach Duong, Lam ha 2,350,000 đ
3-Star City Le Van, Gaia 2,450,000 đ
3-Star Sea Trang An Resort, Phu van Resort 2,650,000 đ
3-Star Sea Kim Hoa Resort 2,790,000 đ

* Above rate is for 25 guests or more


  • New cars are in the right schedule.
  • 2 nights Hotel/Resort.
  • Dine 2 standard Buffet breakfasts at the hotel
  • Eat 4 meals 150,000 VND/7 items or more, the seafood is suitable for each audience.
  • The guide experienced, enthusiastic, persuasive and cater to the delegation all over the line.
  • Tours + Fishing Tools + Coral viewing tools
  • Cold towel, spring water on the road (Unlimited day).
  • Travel Insurance in accordance with Vietnamese insurance regulations 3,000,000


  • Dining outside the program, and the cost of parachute…, personal Entertainment.
  • Airfare-Speedboat ticket:
  • VAT tax
  • Pick up/Drop off Hanoi airport: Car 35 seats 1,000,000/1 way


  • Children 11 years old and over buy 01 ticket.
  • Children from 06 to 10 years buy 1/2 tickets.

Children aged 05 years and below: free of charge, family meals, self-care, sleeping with parents

* GROUP MENU 150,000 đ:


1. Shrimp with spicy sauce

2. Grilled oyster onion

3. Grilled fish with foil

4. Lemongrass steamed snail

5. Fried Shrimp with salt

6. Fried Meat by fire

7. Sour Fish Chat

8. Vegetable as Crab mix egg

9. Stir fried vegetable with garlic

10. Fruity Desserts

     MENU 2

1.      Steamed crab (1 with 1 child)

2.      Steamed squid with ginger.

3.      Steamed shark with greasy onion.

4.      Steamed vegetables with braised salad

5.      Shrimp steamed with beer

6.      Fried Chicken with lemongrass

7.      Seafood Hotpot

8.      Steamed rice

9.      Iced Tea

10. Fruity Desserts


1. Mushroom hotpot or cooked fish hotpot

2. Nai né

3. Chicken Steamed WHOLE

4. Grilled scalloped onion

5. Fried Chives with beef

6. Braised fish

7. Boil boiled water + boiled egg

8. Steamed rice

 9. Fruity Desserts

10. Iced tea.

    Menu 4 (on raft)

1.    Sour fish

2.    Stir-fried squid with sweet sauce

3.    Fried salted Fish

4.    Grilled scalloped onion

5.    Stir fried vegetable with garlic

6.    Grilled or Steamed shrimp

7.     Leaf squid steamed with lemongrass

8.    Fried Egg

9.    Grilled fish with raw vegetable roll

10.                Watermelon Dessert

11.                Steamed rice


1. Herring salad

2. HONG Kong steamed Fish

3. Salted Shrimp

4. Seafood Hotpot

5. Stir fried seafood or stir fried oysters

6. Stir fried vegetable with garlic

7. Braised Fish

8. Steamed Rice

9. Iced Tea

10. Fruity Dessert


1 Banana Flower Salad

2 Clams steamed with lemongrass

3 Stir fried chicken with lemongrass

4 fried beef with sweet sauce

5 Seafood Hotpot

6 fried squid with fish sauce

7 Stir-fried mixed vegetables

8 Steamed Rice

9 Iced Tea

10 Fruit Desserts

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