Binh to Tour-Sea Paradise Island 3 days 2 nights



Time: 3 days 2 nights

DAY 01: PICK Up (dinner)

Afternoon: 17h30: Car and HDV pick up at the airport, take you to TP. Quy Nhon Check-in, rest.

✅ Dinner: Guests dine in the restaurant. Free to stroll to Quy Nhon beach town. If the 7th dark, Sunday, the group will be enjoying the program of singing ancient hut in the city Square, a very special art form of the people of the sea…

DAY 02: SEA of KY CO – EO WIND (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

✅ Morning: Guests have breakfast at the hotel.

08h00: Car and HDV take the delegation to Nhon reasonable, take photos souvenir of the longest bridge in Vietnam 2.475 m-Thi Dinh Bridge. To the point at Nhon reasonable, you change bathing and listening HDV guide a skill set coral diving skills…

You board through the Sea of KY Co located at the foot of Phuong Mai mountain range in Nhon Dali Peninsula, TP Quy Nhon, the beautiful pristine beach stretch a painting just so poetic and mighty. The place is inviting tourists, especially those traveling to explore, because not only the scenery is pleasing to the people but also know how interesting. A very pristine island, there is a fine white sand beach, crystal clear sea water. You will enjoy the pristine beauty of nature and wonders here. You use a life jacket, scuba goggles to familiarize yourself with the sea, freely explore the ocean world and see the colourful coral.

Lunch ✅: 11h30: Delegation up the boat through the restaurant, fresh water bathing, preparing for a delicious fresh seafood lunch in the pure processing of local fishermen with an extensive and attractive menu: grilled shrimp, grilled squid, steamed fish , Steamed snails, shrimp pancake squid, grilled oyster,…

✅ Way: You go to the wind-famous scenic spot in Quy Nhon, dubbed the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in Vietnam.

Visit the highest double Buddha statue in Vietnam at 30m at Tinh Xa Ngoc Hoa, where people send confidence every trip to the sea, Binh an bridge to the family.

✅ Dinner: Guests dine in the restaurant. Free to explore the culinary streets of Ho Chi Minh nightlife with famous specialties such as: Shrimp pancake Dance, Quy nhon fish noodle, grilled pork soup in District,…

DAY 03: GHENH RANG – QUANG TRUNG MUSEUM – GUEST (breakfast, lunch)

✅:: Guests with breakfast at the hotel, check-out procedures.

Shuttle bus to the tour: Khua Tour of Tien Sa Village: The Hill of the poet, visited with the death of the Korean poets, the Art of Fire, and Queen's Beach.

+ Visiting shopping at special specialty supermarket with: Bau Stone, Nem cho Huyen, coconut water cake, low-leaf thorn… About making gifts for relatives

The car continues to take you to Tay Son – the original home of 3 brothers Nguyen Hue-Nguyen Music – Nguyen Lu.

✅ Lunch: Guests have lunch at the restaurant with the specialties of Tay Son.

✅: A visit to Quang Trung Museum – the place associated with the West son Khoi Nghia and retain the historic artifacts for a memorable time. 

+ Admire the old water well.

+ Visit the old sorrel more than 300 years old.

+ 9 Golden statues of 3 West Brothers and the writers, Vo Tay Son.

To the airport in Cat Ba, HDV return to Hanoi (Ho Chi Minh). HDV farewell See you again. End of tour program.


Color Travel – The best choice for you!

Tour Price 2.200.000 đ/Guest (car 29 seats, no hotel)


  • Air conditioned vehicle 29 new Lifetime shuttle service under Program
  • Dining: 4 main meals (3 meals 140,000 + 1 seafood 160,000)
  • All Sightseeing Fees
  • Mineral water, cold towel on the car. (Standard 2 bottles/day/person)
  • Guided Guide to the delegation
  • Nationwide travel insurance with maximum coverage up to 20 million VND/customer/service.


  • Drinking water in the meals, the cost of the phone, laundry.
  • The cost of the single room and personal expenses of the guests outside the program.
  • VAT Invoice


  • Children from 1 to under 5 years old are free of charge (02 adults are only allowed 01 children from 1 to 5 years old, the second child will be charged 1/2 adult rate).
  • Children from 5 to under 11 years old are charged 50% of the adult fare.
  • Children aged 11 years or older are charged a large ticket price.

Tour Cancellation Regulations:

  • If you cancel before the departure date 8-10 days, charges are: 30%.
  • If you cancel before the day of departure 5-7 days, charge: 50%.
  • If you cancel before the day of departure 2-4 days, subject to a fee: 70%
  • If you cancel the tour within 24 hours of departure, charged: 100%

Note: The cancellation date is not applied on weekends, 7th-Sunday and public holidays

General Requirements:

  • Adults are required to bring ID card to check-in at the hotel.
  • Children must bring a copy of the birth certificate.

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