Duration: 6 Day 5 night

Fenghuang is located next to the poetic and romantic rivers of Da Giang, the ancient city also houses many cities, street blocks, old buildings, Gia Trang, Van Mieu, temples. The scene and the neck strokes create an ancient bold town often seen in sword-making movies! For those who have once come here, it will surely feel a very poetic and friendship scene

Highlights of the program:

  • Fly straight Zhangjiajie, help save time and cost
  • Stay at Standard Hotel 4 *
  • Visit Thien Mon son – the famous wonders in China with 999 spectacular bends
  • Immerse yourself in the poetic beauty of Bao Phong Lake
  • Challenge the courage with the glass-walled mountain hotel
  • Admire the charming beauty of the ancient Phoenix
  • Check-in at poetic ancient town
  • Shopping and sightseeing at Khe do Street-the famous trade Center and the most significant scale in Zhangjiajie.

DAY 01: HA NOI – ZHANGJIAJIE (dinner at own expense)

Afternoon: 14h00 Car and tour guide pick you up at the rendezvous point to bring the airport to the Union for Flight VJ7866 (17:45-21:15) to Zhang
jiajie. Dinner: To Zhangjiajie, local HDV and shuttle bus Group check-in.

Overnight at the hotel in Zhangjiajie.


(Eat: 00am-00pm)

✅ MORNING: After breakfast, the convoy moved to Fenghuang. Along the way you can visit the town, an ancient town that has over 2000 years of history-the town of the Turks dubbed the town hanging on the waterfalls, walking on the streets of Blue stone will make you can from the beautiful scene The dream found the unique features of the town, the streets, the stilt-house, the flower wall when hidden when present, in the afternoon, the house in the rustic old town is scattered.

✅ NOON: Group lunch at the restaurant then ride the old Phoenix.

✅ PM, EVENING: Group dinner at the hotel, then freely visit discover the beauty of the ancient Fenghuang.

Stay overnight at hotels in Fenghuang.

DAY 3: FENGHUANG (Food: Morning-noon-evening)

✅: After breakfast at the hotel, you will visit and discover the ancient Phoenix with the floor of the Miao, the Old City, the Feng Hong Kieu, the Ancient Museum (visiting outside).

✅ LUNCH: Group lunch at the restaurant

✅ PM, EVENING: After lunch, you will have a private space for freedom of shooting, drinking coffee, listening to lyrical music, or enjoying local dishes, taking in the old town along Da Giang River and feeling the peaceful life where Here, you will feel like you forget your fatigue and leave behind the hard worries of life.

Phoenix night In A very different way, full of sparkling and incredibly mysterious, the ancient architecture is lit by warm colored lights printed on the River Da Giang beautiful as a watercolor painting of the painter.

 Stay overnight at hotels in Fenghuang.

DAY 4: Fenghuang County – WEARING VELVET FARM (food: morning, lunch, dinner)

: After breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Fenghuang ancient town. Freedom to visit and explore the ancient Phoenix. With local dishes, free to photograph or sit back and drink coffee, listen to lyrical tracks, take in the old town along the River Da Giang and feel the peaceful life here, you will feel like forgetting tired and leaving behind the worries Struggles of life.

✅ LUNCH: Group lunch at the restaurant.

✅ AFTERNOON: After lunch, join the car to return to Zhangjiajie. On the way back to Truong Gia Group will visit the ancient village of stone-wearing the beautiful camp with stairs, the barrier, the walls are lined with stone. Overwhelmed by the distinctive structure of the ancient village, we are fascinated by the houses, arches, walkways, land walls… In front of the babies who stood and echoed the corners of the wall, before the old instruments were deprived, stitching…

✅ Dinner: You have dinner, then the Hotel check in, rest. Overnight at Wulingyuan Nguyen.

DAY 05: BAO PHONG LAKE – The ACADEMY of QUAN THANH (Eat: Morning – Noon – evening)

✅: You will visit Bao Phong Lake which is surrounded by mountains, vegetation and thin mist in the foreground to make this place always fanciful and sparkling in the eyes of visitors.

Next, the delegation will visit silk shop to learn about China's silk culture

✅ LUNCH: Group lunch at the restaurant. Then you will visit the "Quan Thanh Institute" – which is a showcase of Ho Nam art painting, here you admire the distinctive artwork made from natural materials such as sand, piece of stone , natural vegetation… Create stunning paintings with miniature landscapes of the Chinese country.

After that, the delegation will come to the center for introducing the specialty tea of Hunan to enjoy the special local tea. Visit and shop at the Pearl Shop.

✅ DINNER: You have dinner and stay overnight at the hotel in Vu Lang Nguyen. You can register for the show "the radiant glow of the West" (at own expense) or freedom of sightseeing, shopping in Vu Lang Nguyen Pedestrian street.

DAY 06: THIEN MON SON-ZHANGJIAJIE-HANOI (food: Morning-noon-evening)

✅ MORNING: Breakfast, check out. You can visit the famous Chinese Medicine store in China, with a team of doctors with a free medical examination, or you may choose to enjoy a foot soak with medicinal water.

✅: Visit the Tianmen Mountains – a most famous wonders of Zhangjiajie – it is also a multi-time flight of the trans-world and International parachute Racing (1 turn cable car + 1 car ride to experience 99 The spectacular crab) with the driver of the talented drivers. Tianmen Mountain is located in the mountains of Thien Mon National Park, Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan province, China. This mountain is very famous for its heavenly road and cable car system in the celestial is declared in tourist publications is "the longest cable car in the highest mountain in the world" with 98 cable car cabin and total length up to over 7,400 The altitude of the upper station of the cable car is 1,279 metres (including public vehicles and 1 cable car ride up or down according to the arrangement of the Board). From the cable car you can enjoy the panoramic view of the town and the scenic magnificent Mountain forest, overlooking the road is considered the world's most dangerous race with 99 spectacular bends.

+ When you reach the top of Thien son, you will follow the path that surrounds the mountain peaks, from peak to mountain. Take a walk through the glass floor (cliff-top path). On the one side of the mountain, one side is the clouds, and sometimes more brilliant red charms will make you feel like you are lost in the foreground, like on the 9th floor of Heaven's clouds.

+ After that, you experience the massive escalator system in the mountains to reach the heavens-the place of interference between heaven and earth.

✅ DINNER: Dinner at the restaurant. If there is time, you visit the Duty Free shop then dinner before you take the airport VJ7867 (22:15 – 00:15) to Hanoi.

At Noi Bai, the shuttle brings back to Hanoi meeting point.

End of China travel program. Goodbye and see you again!


ADULT Children< 2 TUỔI 2=""></ 2 TUỔI> CHILDREN 2-11 YEARS OL
D (under 1m2)
11,990,000 đ 35% 95%

* The above price applies to 29 guests + 01 HDV


  • Roundtrip flights to Hanoi – Zhangjiajie
  • Vietjet airline, 20 kg checked baggage, 7kg hand luggage
  • China entry Visa
  • 4-star hotel in China Standard (room for 2 people-in case of a solo traveler who will make triple or triple room)
  • Meals are on offer at the hotel or Chinese restaurant. Food rate of 30 yuan per person.
  • Automobiles Travel Air-conditioned in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Drinking water 1bottle/guest/day.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC Vietnamese Guide-THOUGHTFUL-HONEST throughout the line to ensure the smooth travel of the trip
  • Include Sightseeing tickets (Times 01) for tourist attractions
  • Travel insurance during overseas time
  • Insurance applies to customers under 70 years of age


  • Costs for obtaining VAT invoices
  • Personal expenses, passport fees, drinks, telephone, laundry in the hotel
  • Single Room Cost: ~ 2.5 million VND
  • Reentry Visa for overseas Vietnamese or foreigners.
  • Compulsory TIP for driver and guide level 5 USD per person per day
  • Other costs not included in the service include the
  • Prices and attractions outside the program (including transportation costs, point of view Service and guide):
  • The show shows the Western Radiant Concert "
  • "Thien van the glass Bridge" ticket



  • Guests are kindly required to check the number of seats before booking with the counselor and register for the tour at least 6 business days in advance. We only guarantee the seat within 24h. After 24h the system will automatically cancel if you have not made a deposit.
  • Records include:
  • Photo Scan Passport Page 2-3 strictly standard for visa (shortly, clarity)
  • Guests participating in the tour must have a passport and are limited to at least 6 months from the tour end date.
  • Pre-completion 07 days Departure (No. 7, Sundays and holidays)
  • Deposit 50% of the tour value immediately after registration. The remaining amount is to be paid 7 working days in advance from the date of departure.


  • If the accompanying child must have a notarized copy of birth certificate and authorization if not accompanied by a parent.
  • Pregnant women are not able to join the tour. If you do not notify the company, all matters arising from us shall not be liable. Guests who are 70 years or older are kindly requested to inform the tour immediately when booking to advise the necessary procedures.
  • The funding is applied to Vietnamese nationality customers. Guests bringing a foreign passport, please check back.
  • The above program may change on time and schedule, but still make sure of the above attractions.
  • Unused portion of the service comes without prior notice when registration will not be refunded.
  • The program above is a purely tourist program, you have the need to combine work, ask to announce the registration procedure.
  • In case of 01 guests participating in the event of force majeure cannot be paired with the remaining members, please be charged a single room surcharge.


Cancellation fees are based on the time of the tour cancellation compared to the expected departure date:

  • Canceling the program after registration, the deposit will take 30% of the total value of the tour.
  • Tour cancellation 10 – 15 days before departure will be subject to 50% of the total contract value.
  • Cancelation from 7 – 9 days before departure will be subject to 75% of the total contract value.
  • Tour cancellation 6 days before the departure date will be subject to 100% of the contract value.
  • For late arrivals, you will not receive a refund for the tour.
  • This program is supported by shopping malls arranged by the tour company if you do not access the shopping point, please charge 80 $/person (directly submitted to HDV in the group). Dear Customer support for the program to be successful.

Mandatory shopping spots: tea shops, gems, northern medicines and silk.



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