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Have you ever thought about Hong Kong to be the next stop in your travel map? Are you growing up along the TVB drama and wishing to be once laid foot in the land associated with childhood through the small screen? Now, don't miss the Hong Kong travel Experience Series!

1. Book Flights and Transportation

And of course to start the trip, we have to be in the land of aroma first! A very familiar and completely simple operation, sign in to your flight booking link to Hong Kong and choose a flight that fits your time, airline and fare criteria. Rest, let Traveloka go! You'll surely be sure to find the right flight for the best prices and services right on Traveloka.

Note: The currency of Hong Kong is Hong Kong dollar (HKD), 1 HKD ~ 2.970 VND.

Firstly, talk about your first destination when you come to the port of fragrant! You'll be landing at Hong Kong International Airport, also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport, built on the artificial chain island of Hong Kong, an artificial island by leveling a mountain and using that soil to add , encroaching on the sea to expand the land area by central about 30 kilometers. It is one of the largest airports in Asia when it has a golf course, airy design, stillness, helping passengers have the most comfortable, relaxed psychology; With very large visitors (about 63.1 million passengers per year).

Very much. Hong Kong

The ultra-eye-catching architecture of Hong Kong International Airport – one of Asia's largest international airports. @internet
From the airport you will travel to areas according to your itinerary and accommodation: The central Hong Kong, New Territories, or Lantau Island (the island of Transportation from the airport is quite varied, typical such as the public bus (the most economical means, it takes 45 minutes to travel), Airport Express (roundtrip fare is 185 HKD equivalent 550.000 VND; also one way is 105 HKD equivalent 310.000 VND and takes about 20 – 2 5 minutes to move into the center), taxis (most expensive but convenient, most comfortable, prices range from 200 – 350 HKD depending on the specific location). And don't forget Traveloka with the criteria that accompany you to A-Z on every trip; So you are also ready with the airport shuttle service. All you need is the choice of airport and the exact address you need, as well as providing information such as date and time of use, number of guests, vehicle type. After the payment… Just sit back and relax, your professional driver will take you to a safe and quick place! This is a convenient booking service on Traveloka, you can know the price in advance, the final quote includes the fee and parking , you don't need to worry about paying extra fees when you board the car. With this advantage, you also do not have to worry about the "chopping" situation or losing money.

Hong Kong Airport Transfer
A convenient private car service as soon as you arrive at the airport and move quickly into Traveloka's Hong Kong centre. @internet

You can choose to book public transportation at a discounted price or a comfortable private car, convenient and suitable for your number of groups. The driver is very enthusiastic and hospitable, with a waiting time of up to 120 minutes for international flights. Especially if you are on a night flight or at peak hours, you do not need to queue to catch a car or a loay hoay with bulky luggage to get your car.

2. Why Choose Hong Kong?

Surely you will earn a series of answers to this question.

First, it is certainly because "Hong Kong Vibes" is incredibly famous. Whether it's a crowded Hong Kong with pictures filled with signs, or a little nostalgic old town along with a train system or a modern Hong Kong, developed with skyscrapers, it still exudes an Hong Kong stroke. Very dense. Is the attraction that when anyone looks at the same exclaiming "This is sure Hong Kong is not going wrong!".

Hong Kong Tours
An ancient Hong Kong. @cnn
Hong Kong Tours
Or a modern Hong Kong with skyscrapers. @internet

Not only recently, but the style of Hong Kong is always a thing that attracts us all. Retro-styled photos with flared trousers, a blazer and golden neon lights; The restaurants of Hong Kong style are "floating like alcohol" etc. It is a testimony to the attraction of Hong Kong style. Now, where is Hong Kong "more concentrated" than the fragrant port itself? Our youth was translating, and one of those destinations, surely named Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Tours
Mark Thanh Xuan with "Hong Kong Vibes". @internet

The second reason, perhaps associated with the childhood of so many of us. The kids 8X, 9X or later, are much less will also grow up with the enchanting Hong Kong films. We have heard the names Lan Kwai Fong, Cuu Long, Thanh Thuy Bay…? Let's get into the world in this nostalgic little screen and actually set foot in the land, yet familiar but still strange!

Hong Kong Tours
The alleys of Lan Kwai Fong – the name of many appearing in the film Hong Kong. @internet

Hong Kong is a dormant city, a city in which ancient and modern living harmoniously; There are many check-in points, amusement, shopping. Hong Kong can be seen as a recreation and tourism hub in Asia – so you should definitely ignore Hong Kong in your "wishlist". Let Traveloka point through iconic landmarks, certain cuisines to try Hong Kong and other unique things!

3. Typical check-in spots in the land of fragrant port

Montane Mansion

Montane Mansion
Montane Mansion Apartment. @internet

It has been the top destination for most check-in Instagram – which guarantees the hot level of this destination. Almost referring to Hong Kong, the Montane Mansion image with hundreds of small apartments such as the stacked box, which extends to several tens of floors, instantly appears. Built in the years 1960, the Montane Mansion apartment is most clearly visible to the Eastern land life of the fragrant port.

Lok Wah Estate Apartment

Hong Kong Tours
Lok Wah Estate Apartment. @ Collectibles

The tribal public space (Lok Wah Estate) is a condo with pastel blue tones; Is the background of photography that brings urban steam and a little popart. People's favorite photography points are the corners of the image that can take the whole part of the apartment as the background, or the architecture of the Intersect circular ports taken from the parking roof of this condominium. Consecutive circles give a visual impression to those who come to their feet.

Nathan Road

Nathan Hong Kong Street
Nathan Road. @ Collectibles

Nathan Road is the real world of "Hong Kong in Photographs". If you're a fan of MV or classic Hong Kong movies with color qualities like shooting a movie machine, don't miss out on this signature neon-sign route!

Star Ferry Pier

Hong Kong Tours
The familiar scene of the TVB drama, which stands on the waterfront, looks toward the skyscrapers in the sunset or splendor, when the lights are on.

Braemar Hill

Hong Kong Tours
Braemar Hill. @internet

If The peak is so familiar and crowded, Braemar Hill is a completely new place to see the panoramic view of Hong Kong and see the magnificent sunset. This check-in point will give you a great new and epic photo corner.

Sai Wan Bay

Hong Kong Tours
Sai Wan Bay. @ Collectibles

Located in northwestern Hong Kong, Sai Wan Bay (Sai Wan Swimming Shed) has been built in the years 1990, which is one of Hong Kong's super nice check-in spots. Sai Wan Pier is where the "virtual living" believers take a reflection of sky images such as the extreme mirror; Or wait until sunset to get an image corner that blends in with enchanting orange and purple colors.

Goldfish Market

Hong Kong Tours
Goldfish market. @ Collectibles

This is one of the very hot check-in points on social networks, and also a much frequented point on the Hong Kong tourist map. Although it is a fish market, there are many very artistic angles and it exudes very material Hong Kong. This fish market on Tung Chong Street, specializes in selling the scene in the bag and then hangs in a short line of shelves; Stretch the whole path into a beautiful background.


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